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    How to contact Tradeshift Support

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    If you are experiencing any technical issues while using Tradeshift, here is how you can contact us and keep track of your support request. 

    Any user (logged-out or logged-in) can request assistance by completing this form. Alternatively, you can also access the form from your customer’s support Landing Page by clicking on the Assistance button, located under the welcome text box. If you are an existing user that has previously contacted Tradeshift Support, you will also find a list of your previous requests on this page.

    An assistance request is submitted in two steps:

    1. Request classification: Provide more details about the type of issue you are encountering by selecting from the several categories and issue types available. 
    2. Request content: Enter information about you, your account, the account you are trying to interact with (if any) and the description of your request.

    1. Request classification

    You can add a classification as follows:

    • First, indicate which area of Tradeshift your request is about 
    • Second, choose the selected area’s underlying category 
    • Lastly, describe the issue you encountered. Note that an optional field which allows you to provide further detail may become selectable, based on the classification you chose.
    • Please note that based on the classification you selected, further inputs may become available. For example, if your classification indicates you are having an issue with activating your account, you will have the ability to enter your company name, which will speed up the resolution process.

    2. Request content

    Add your account details and the actual description of your issue at this stage, in the fields detailed below. Please take note of the various length or file format requirements mentioned next to each field. All mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk (*). Your name, email address and country are prefilled based on your account details.

    Once all the necessary information is present, the “Submit” button will be activated, and you can submit your request by clicking it. You will then receive an email acknowledging your contact with the Tradeshift Support team, and will receive a new notification email for each response posted on the support case.

    We also have a video tutorial about how to raise a support ticket, available here for both logged-out and logged-in users and in Tradeshift University for logged-in users only.

    Please note that Tradeshift is a platform that facilitates the exchange of documents. If you have a query related to payment issues, you should reach out to your customer directly to follow up on the status of your payment.

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